was founded in 1974 thanks to the determination and tenacity of its owner giuliano Noale who, over the years, has managed to realise a dream. having worked for many years in the field of mechanics and thanks to the experience gained by working for several companies in the Venezia area, he managed to establish his own company.

Initially, consisted of a simple shed located in Vetrego, in the vicinity of Mirano. the experience, consistency and diligence of the owner have forged the foundations of a company that, from a technical and professional perspective, has all the characteristics necessary to satisfy its clients, being its greatest source of gratification. thanks to 40 years of constant work, in 2003 reached an important milestone in its development: an expansion that resulted in the construction of and transfer to a new 2,800-sqm warehouse, located in the industrial area of Pianiga.

All this was made possible by an ever-increasing desire for growth and, above all, the courage to continually invest in machinery, guaranteeing that the company is competitive in the market.




Initial location

Current location