We have been producing high-quality hardware for many years.

For over 4 decades, the nogisa company has been designing and manufacturing precision small metal parts.

Throughout the years, nogisa has always stood for the highest quality of manufactured products, the speed of delivery and its capacity to establish direct relationships with its clients.

Located in cazzago di pianiga in the province of venezia, the company avails of a covered area of 2,800 sqm plus an open area of over 2,200 sqm and boasts highly-skilled employees and professional and specialised technical staff. starting from a simple idea or from a client's technical design, we are able to develop the designing of the item or a solution for improving the finished product.

The desire to grow, the steady work flow and the courage to invest has enabled us to provide clients with different typologies of advanced machinery, able to produce countless items by design.

Nogisa works with many materials, turning steels, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and its alloys, steel and heat-treated alloys, etc., which are employed in just as many industries including: medical, motorcycle, automotive, food, etc.

Thanks to our means of transport, we are able to ensure kanban service whenever necessary.

Our company considers the high quality and reliability of our finished products as essential conditions. over the years, all this has rendered the nogisa company a leader in the manufacture of small metal parts.


Production of precision turned parts to customer specification.


We are distinguished by the excellence of our service and flexibility in executing our client's requests.